Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tennessee Valley Trailhead

This easy and accessible trail is part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, located in the Marin Headlands. The trail is 1.8 mile long, it starts at the trail head parking lot and ends at Tennessee Cove, a small sandy beach on the Pacific Ocean. The Valley you walk through was known as Elk Valley, once popular for hunting deer, bears, elk, coyotes and wild turkeys. Two years ago we run into a bobcat, just few feet away from us. This amazing animal was hunting a rodent and as we stopped to look at it and take pictures it slowly turned toward us and gave us a look as to say: Can't you see I am busy here? It then slowly walked away, very annoyed by our interruption.As I drove toward the parking lot I stumbled in a group of 12-16 wild turkeys, and the males were busy showing off their beautiful feathers, what a sight.
It was pretty cold at 9am and some plants were still covered in frost.

The trail is spectacular, the Miwok Indians must have been thriving in this area.

On the side of the trail there is a eucalyptus grove which makes the trail even more beautiful, but somewhat unnatural.
I was joined by two wonderful friends, J. and M., so I knew the hike would be fun. We stopped at the horse stables to visit a friend of J.'s.

and got to pet this beautiful horse that was recovering there. What a beauty.
The trail splits in a higher trail that is less affected by the rain, and a lower trail which can get pretty muddy but is worth walking there for the rare encounters you might have with wild birds, and the plants you might see. Nature is waking up from the cold winter and Equisetum and Willows were in bloom.
The beach was as beautiful as ever, with a high sand dune recently carved by the massive rain we have had in the Bay Area.
Thanks J. for suggesting this trail, I had a lovely time.

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