Thursday, June 18, 2009

Living Green

My family lived through WWI and WWII, so they became programmed with saving everything, nothing went to waste. Albeit that was born out of necessity, I now try to live the same way, out of desire to re-use materials, not to waste resources and to live as green as I can.

Recycling is second nature, using shampoos until the last drop is normal, and finally I programmed myself to always bring canvas bags when I go shopping.

Cindy at cindystar inspired me to write this post with her post on a natural detergent made with lemon juice, vinegar and salt. I want to try it so I printed it on recycled paper, which made me write this. Some people may think I am insane, but it makes me feel better knowing that I don't take trash too lightly, the earth is not infinite.

Citrus dishwashing detergent

3 lemons

400g. water
100g. vinegar, better white
200g. kitchen salt

Cut lemons in four, take off all seeds and then mix well with half water in the mixer until is soft and creamy.
Add remaining water, vinegar and salt, put on the stove and cook for 15/20 minutes.
Use 2 tablespoons for every washing in your dishwasher.

It's also good to clean copper pans, they will turn out as bright as new!

If you like, add a tangerine or half orange for a special citrus fruits flavoring.

This is how I try to be as green as I can:

* Recycle anything that can be recycled

* Buy organic

* Compost all my kitchen scraps

* Bring my bags to the stores, and refuse a plastic bag when offered

* Use paper bags at my local grocery store and re-use them as much as I can

* Keep lightly used zip-lock bags in the freezer to re-use for the next cookie batch to be frozen

* Try to buy in bulk

* Grow my own vegetables

* Print on re-cycled paper

* Turn lights off when not needed

* Wear an extra sweater instead of keeping the heat on

* Take short showers and save the water of the first minute to water plants

* Save the water that was used to wash the veggies for my house plants

* Wash floors with diluted vinegar

* Stack soaped dishes so they get rinsed faster

* Run only full loads of laundry, never at the hot setting

* Scout the local salvation store for interesting finds (they always have something worth having, like a cute vase or a nice basket)

* Drive a Prius

This list will probably grow as I think of more things.

And you? What is that you do on your daily life that makes you life greener?


Rose said...

Fantastic post!

I ride my bike to/from work and yoga.

I bring my bags to the store.

I shop local when I can (meat, produce, eggs, etc...)

Buy in bulk & share with friends.

Swap clothes, furniture & household items with friends!

natalia said...

Ciao Laura ! We try to do the same ! But What is a Prius ?

Laura said...

Rose, riding the bike is fantastic! I wish I could do the same, lots of hills here and bad knees! Keep it up!

Natalia, Prius is the hot selling Toyota hybrid car, we love it. Risparmiamo molta benzina!

Jill said...

Great post--actually great two posts! We also clean our wood floors with vinegar. It does a great job of getting them so clean! I loved your tips, very helpful!

Sweet Charity said...

Wicked!! We have these copper fixtures at work that I've been slaving to clean with just lemon and salt and elbow grease... maybe the detergent will work better :)


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