Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Multiple Sclerosis Walk-Why I am participating

No food post today, but a message on a very important cause that touches me in my core. Below you can read a little excerpt from my friend Jane's blog. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was 27, and continues to inspire me with her strength and attitude by living with this incurable disease. Sunday I will be walking in her honor and in the honor of all people I know who have autoimmune diseases, for their dignity, and for the hope of a cure. If you would like to support me on Sunday's walk please click here. Thank you!

Triple rainbow seen from my window this morning

"Yesterday, at Walk MS, I was reminded of the potential devastation of MS. Before the walk, a man talked about his wife who died last year from MS related complications. She was 52. He said she was the love of his life. We had a moment of silence for everyone who has died from MS related complications this last year.

That made me cry and makes me scared. I know we all die. But I don't want to die young or be disabled. I want to stay strong and healthy and continue to play with my kids.

Just because I don't talk about my symptoms all the time, doesn't mean that there aren't any. My right hand has numbness all the time and especially when I'm tired. Also when I'm tired my vision gets blurry in my right eye. When I go for a hike, after about 20 mins, my legs get wobbly. A couple of times recently I've had to walk back to the car holding onto my friend for support. I'm 36. I've watched that happen this last couple of years. So although I'm in remission, the disease is slowly, slowly progressing.

The NMSS talks about 'Living with MS'. That's just it. You live with it. It doesn't go away like a cold or a bug. Even when it's in remission, it's there all the time, you just get good at ignoring it or making decisions to not let it control you."


natalia said...

Cara Laura, non so se conosci Fiamma della trasmissione radiofonica Fabio e Fiamma e la trave nell'occhio poco tempo fa ho scoperto il suo blog e il fatto che lei avesse da anni la sm addirittura dal 93 !
Ti abbraccio forte vorrei sapere del lavoro !

Simona said...

Una causa molto importante. Hai il mio supporto.

Laura said...

Natalia, ti ringrazio per la dritta. Ho in mente un post sul mio lavoro, ma prima devo fare delle foto.

Simona, sei stata gentilissima! Sei meravigliosa!

Simona said...

Hai ricevuto la mia email sul formaggio? L'ho mandata qualche giorno fa, dopo aver letto il tuo commento e voglio essere sicura che l'hai ricevuta.

lisaiscooking said...

I know how devastating MS can be. So wonderful of you to support the cause.

bake in paris said...

This is a touching post that will create more awareness about MS!

Sawadee from Bangkok,

Tracy said...

Breaks my heart. I hope your friend is doing well.


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