Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow on Mt. Tamalpais

I interrupt the usual food postings to share with you some pictures taken during an early morning hike. Mt. Tamalpais stands 2,571 feet tall, or 784 meters, and being located in a very temperate area, it rarely sees any snow. I saw snow on the mountain only once before in the 9 years I have lived here, but it melted before I was able to hike up. Today was different, mainly it happened on a Sunday, and I was so determined to go up that I left the house by 8AM.

There was so much snow that it lasted a while, and there is still some this afternoon thanks to some cold clouds covering the sun. I took the view all in as I may never see this again in my lifetime, just amazing and priceless.

Downtown San Francisco seen from the top

Apparently the snow fell at a 100-year record high, I measured 6" of snow on the picnic tables near the top of the mountain, and it was so early that the snow was untouched. What an amazing place this is, I took the view all in as it is something I might not see again.

If you ever are in the Bay Area, this is a place to visit, well worth the hike.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing! What a beautiful place/view!



Gaia said...

Belle le impronte delle mani sulla neve!
Molto piĆ¹ belle qui che sul cemento di hollywood!

Anonymous said...

Love you blog. Snowy Mt Tam pix are awesome! Elevation needs correction - it's 2571 feet / 784 meters. Cheers!

Laura said...

Rosa, thanks!

Gaia, adoro lasciare impronte sulla neve fresca.

Anonymous, I wish you had left your name ;o) And you are absolutely right, elevation is 2,571 feet, oopsy!


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