Sunday, March 6, 2011

Olives & New Camera

I am now the owner of a super duper new digital camera, and to show you the quality I am posting these two pictures of the olives in my garden. I can't wait to start cooking again, and take pictures with the new camera, it has been too long....

By the way, these olives are amazingly tasty. I brined and dry cured them, delicious! There are still tons on the trees and hopefully I will have time next weekend to pick more.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, you have olive trees in your garden? I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures you'll take with your new camera.



Laura said...

Rosa, the previous owner of the house planted many olive trees in 2000. When it rains heavily late in the season we get an amazing crop the next fall. I would love to make oil one day, but it is really expensive (it would cost something like $70 per gallon), let alone labor intensive to collect the olives. Because of the cold summer the olives don't mature until late fall, early winter. Last summer was so cold that the olives are still on the trees. They are absolutely beautiful and in a way remind me of Tuscany.

Gaia said...

si, sembra di essere da queste parti!

Lisa said...

I echo Rosa, you have olive trees in your garden?? Lucky, lucky, lucky! What kind of olives are they? from here, they simply look black, but they could be so many That said, congrats on your new digital camera..the photos look awesome!

As for the platypi (plural, I think lol), I suppose those were raised by some farm or zoo in Oz. I just grabbed the photo off a friend's Facebook :)

Laura said...

Gaia, yes Tuscany, a lot of the wine country in California looks like Tuscany.

Lisa, I think they are a Tuscan variety, but it will be impossible to know unless I find hidden in the house some sort of tree label. There are tons of variety so I gave up trying to identify them. They are really good, with a nutty taste, and I bet they would make a great oil if it weren't so expensive to make. I wonder why raising platypuses, they are cute though!


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