Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A New Hobby, Recycling, and a New Table for Food Photography

When I saw this post by Kellypea of Sass and Veracity, I knew I had to make one table for food photography too, I also thought...why didn't I think of that earlier? There are so many talented food bloggers who take gorgeous pictures and to name just two, I love sites like Aran's Cannelle et Vanille or Diane and Todd's White on rice couple for their use of rustic tables. I am not a professional by any mean, but taking pictures is something I love and always look forward to more learning, a lot in my case. Having the right tools really helps, so do food props.

I decided to take a break from working for a while, long was too far from my house, the commute was really affecting me (falling asleep at a light for example!). I am now working on my other creative side, the one that has to do with house decor and fabric, which was seriously neglected for a long time. I have many projects in my list that require either a brush and paint or needles and threads, and I am trying to use my time well. I will keep baking though, that it my first passion anyway.

I had an old redwood planter that had lost the bottom, it had literally turned into soil it was so rotten. Since I am crazy about recycling and reusing I kept the useless planter trying to decide how to use it. One idea was to attach metal netting to turn it into a compost sift, but after seeing Kelly's photos I immediately knew what to do with it. I didn't want to spend too much time on this project, and after considering between driving distances to find an environmentally friendly paint, or go to my local paint store which was on my way, I settled on some water based acrylic paint. There were so many whites I could have chosen but I settled for a decorator white. Time and photos will tell whether it was a good choice.

The wood was really dirty but after some sanding it turned nice and smooth. I did just one coat since the paint is really thick and I didn't want to lose the wood details. I didn't use a primer so in few months the paint may peel off, which will add to the piece character I suppose.

Here is a detail of the veins and of a rustic corner. I wish the weather would cooperate, but it is raining and the before and after pictures look really bad. Are you jealous? Now I have to find a place where to store it....And if my neighbor would give me a wonderfully weathered piece of wood I saw in her yard that belonged to a bench, I would either use it as is or stain it with a different color.


Simona said...

Lovely photos, Laura.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a lovely idea. Those clicks are wonderful.



Foodness Gracious said...

Your pics look really great, something I need to work on...

Laura said...

Thank you Simona, see you tomorrow!

Rosa, thank you for visiting always, you are just incredible!

Foodness Gracious, taking pictures is one of those things that you are to read about and take pictures, having a good camera helps, so does lighting. Have fun with it.

kellypea said...

And it looks like you're a gardener as well! Are those scented geranium blossoms? And the grrn plant a euphorbia? Love the soft beautiful light in your photos. Nice job on the board! I'm enjoying mine quite a bit. It's pretty easy to haul around the house which is nice. Your white is making me want to get started on my dresser revamp :). Here's to creativity and time to indulge ourselves in it!

Laura said...

Kelly, thanks for stopping by! I didn't see the reply to my original comment so I never updated you. I am glad you stopped by so you saw the end product. I love the internet for the inspiration I constantly find.

Yes, you are right, the pink flowers are rose geranium flowers (plant started with a little cutting), and the green one is euphorbia, growing wild in my garden, I love the color of the flowers (technically not flowers that's why they last so long). Are you a gardener too?.

Do you know the site Miss Mustard Seed? She is just amazing, and she made me want to repaint all my furniture, which will be crazy because my house is all but a French cottage.

To creativity!

natalia said...

Cara Laura ti invidio un bel po' ! ora mi darĂ² da fare per cercare anche io qualcosa per migliorare le mie fotine ! Sono molto curiosa anche dei tuoi lavori di bricolage , Che fai ? Ti mando un super bacio

Lien said...

Wow you're talented in even more ways... Love your pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love the second photo- the eggs with the feather on it. Beautiful

Laura said...

Natalia, I answered on your site.

Lien, thanks, and to reply on the chick post, yes I hope we don't get another rooster. Too early to tell.

Sandie, thanks for stopping by, I love my chicken eggs, and the feathers too! The day I took the picture I was surprised to find 7 eggs in the egg box, and the looked so different and had the idea of lining them by color.


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