Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photos of the Week

All the pictures were taken at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve near Half Moon Bay in California, an amazing spot 30 minutes south of San Francisco where you can see some of the best tide pools in California.

Life and Death

Pelican in Formation

Funny Rock Face


natalia said...

che posto meraviglioso Laura ! Ma quando venite ?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful! That funny rock is awesome.



Simona said...

I don't know this place: thanks for the pointer. I also like to explore tide pools when the tide gets really low. One one such occasion, I saw this 2'-wide sunflower sea star. I was by myself on the beach, so I could not share the sight with anybody.

Foodness Gracious said...

I love that area and would love to move their some day and open a little B and B...ah one can dream right?

Laura said...

Natalia, forse un giorno ci vieni a trovare! Ti scrivo una e-mail...

Rosa, when I saw the rock I started laughing, it was so funny. I left it behind, you are not supposed to take anything, and I wanted to do the right thing.

Simona, that beach is amazing, there were tons of seals as well. You have to check it out. Best is to go when the low tide is at a 0, ours was 1.9 which is pretty high.

Foodness Gracious, that is a beautiful dream, I hope it comes true for you and your family.

Carolyn Jung said...

I like that rock! ;)
Just shows how you can find the most amazing things if you just look closely enough.

Laura said...

Carolyn, I alway see faces everywhere. At a restaurant I used to work at I would see the most amazing faces on chocolate chip cookies I baked, some looked like aliens. Very entertaining.


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