Monday, May 9, 2011

Pretty in Green


I have not baked a single thing since the Daring Bakers' challenge in April, and I can't quite believe it. Since I stopped working I have been tackling tons of projects at home. I refinished the moldy and stained kitchen counter, re-upholstered a chair found on the street, changed the plumbing under a bathroom sink, planted few vegetables for the summer, started sanding some outdoor furniture someone donated me, and mainly organized the piles of stuff I have accumulated throughout the years (my recipes are now all filed away!). This week I will be baking, but won't post any pictures until I am done. This coming Saturday I am participating to the Bake Sale event and I am getting a little nervous because I have tons of ideas but I need to narrow them down to just few. I have to think about packaging and labels as well. I like the challenge though, it forces me to get my thinking cap on.

Miner's lettuce

I will leave you with few green photos. Flowers are magical to me, and these are to tiny and insignificant, but as a whole they are stunning, or at least I think so....

Unknown from the Umbrelliferae family

Have a great week!

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to know that you are enjoying your time at home. Lovely clicks!




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