Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Breathing Deeply

Lady beetle resting on parsley flowers

Every time I start a new job I get really excited at the prospect of learning new things, doing what I love, being creative.  Unfortunately I had many mediocre jobs, only one stood out to be the best, I was working with a tremendous mentor, he taught me so much, it lasted more than a year.  After that, my job history has been spotty, working here and there, I was laid off twice.  I had grand hopes for my last job, I thought there was great potential, lots of room for growth, but it all came to a screeching halt once again.  I wasn't learning enough, which for me is the most important thing in a job, I was never given the money I wanted, and waking up at 4 was physically exhausting, so once again I quit.

Legion poppy, so delicate but stunning

Unfortunately I had to come to the conclusion that this career I have been trying for more than 8 years, that of a pastry chef, has to come to an end, it is no longer feasible for me, my life style, my family.  I don't seem to find my ideal place, so obviously I am doing something wrong, or maybe there isn't an ideal place.  It is really sad to realize that I will never able to have my own bakery, where I could make the desserts and pastries I love, tasty, rustic, unique, which are not found anywhere where I live.  I am not sure why but most pastries and desserts I see around my town are mediocre, either because there is no demand (i.e. people don't buy enough), or because people don't have the sophistication and keep buying bad examples of pastries.  Even restaurants have the same boring, uninspired selections, once I was asked to put a carrot cake on the dessert menu, really?  Needless to say, nobody bought it.

Enough complaining....my last day at work was Tuesday, so I have been home for a week, still processing and catching up.  I want to keep the blog going, something I seriously neglected for lack of time, and because I had so many things left undone I hadn't had time to update it.  In the past four months I also haven't had the chance to cook or bake anything worth blogging about, but I know I will get inspired soon, my favorite fruit to bake with, the stone fruits are coming to season in few weeks.

I also need to concentrate on my next move, which won't include pastries, but plants, as I am planning on becoming a garden consultant.  I just got a certificate as a Master Gardener, which is not much in terms of education, but I have learned so much, and more importantly I realized that I want to keep learning about horticulture, and make garden design and maintenance my new career.   I want to specialize in edibles, native plants, habitat gardens, and low water use gardens.  I also plan on finding work in existing landscaped gardens to help maintain them, not just as a gardener but as an expert.   I have two friends who want to hire me, so wish me luck!

The above pictures were taken in my garden, a source of relaxation, a place to learn through experimentation, and a great font of edibles.  Peas are the next crop, followed by tomatoes.  I need to plant some basil soon.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. Anyway, I hope that your dreams will come true and that you'll become a successful garden consultant.



Sandra said...

Laura, I'm sorry that it didn't work out. But that doesn't stop you from making your own pastries for yourself and family and friends, and this blog! I'm looking forward to reading your posts again, as I have missed them while you were busy working.

I am excited as your prospect of being a garden consultant. I know you will have lots of beautiful pictures of your garden up on the blog soon, and I look forward to them. Also, just to share with you my silly joys, I actually screamed when I saw my corn germinate. 2 out of 4 planted are three inches tall, just like grass (as you mentioned). DS was very excited as well, but not nearly as much as I am. I'll post pics soon. I have a lot to learn from you, Laura!

Simona said...

That lady bug is adorable! And I like poppies too. My first one opened up today and I have a lot more, even though I had to uproot a whole bunch, since they were everywhere. I can imagine how sad it is not to be able to follow your chosen path and at the same time see the need for what you want to do. However, one door closes, another opens. Best of luck for your new career.

Jane said...

Laura, I'm really sorry that you have reluctantly concluded that the pastry chef dream is coming to an end, but the garden dream sounds very exciting. I hope you will continue to occasionally post gluten-free recipes, as those are always welcome! Your photographs are wonderful, whether of food or flowers, so I look forward to many more of those.

Laura said...

Thank you Rosa, I know you have your share of dreams that might not work out.

Sandra, don't worry, I will keep baking, that is something I can't stop. I am excited for your corn, and anytime you have a gardening question let me know, happy to help.

Simona, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the lady bug hanging (literally) from the flower, a red dot in a sea of green. I am a little scared of starting a new career, what about if nobody hires me? Time will tell...

Jane, thank you for your sweet comment. Give me a week or so to recover and then I will start baking again.

lisa is cooking said...

Best of luck with your new career direction! The photos are gorgeous. I have a lot of respect for gardeners since I struggle so much with my own feeble attempts with plants.99

Vaty ♪ said...

Che meraviglia questo blog, queste foto e le tue ambizioni!
Ti faccio un in bocca al lupo per tutto!

Laura said...

Lisa, thanks for your comment. Gardening comes second nature to me since I was little, that is why I think this is something I should do for a living.

Vaty, grazie per la visita e gli auguri.


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