Friday, August 31, 2012

Postcard from the Garden

I wish I had a recipe for you.  I only have time for a photo from my garden, which is buzzing with bees.

Recently I wrote about my intention of changing career, which is still in the making.  However, a pastry chef job landed on my lap and it was too good to pass.  I am working four days a week, having fun working at a restaurant, working with a super funny and talented chef who was born in a town an hour north of Venice.  We speak the same language, both literally and figuratively, and he makes a killer trippa, or tripe!

Spanish lavender and a very happy honey bee

I am slowly changing the dessert menu, the dessert of the week is roasted peaches, with port zabaglione, lemon verbena ice cream, and pistachio streusel.   Can't wait to go in tomorrow to find out how it sold the first night.

A better post with recipe soon....


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...




Gaia said...

il dessert mi ispira molto,
come è poi andata la prima sera?

Simona said...

Congratulazioni! Quando hai un attimo di tempo, mandami un messaggio con qualche ulteriore dettaglio.

Jane said...

Great that you have such a congenial sounding place to work at the moment - good luck, and I am sure that wonderful sounding menu sold brilliantly.

Laura said...

Thank you all!

The dessert was a big hit, it sold out last night. I made 28 portions today, going in tomorrow to see if I need to make more.

I will need to post a picture or the recipe.

Tired but happy!

Sandra said...

Congratulations on your new job, Laura! I am happy to see you sounding excited for your work. How wonderful to work for someone who is from the same-ish place. I would love to see a pic of your dessert, as it sounds lovely. Kudos on selling out!

Vaty ♪ said...


kellypea said...

Most people would give something quite valuable to be in your shoes -- sounds wonderful!

Bron said...

Your dessert sounds fantastic, I'm not surprised it sold out.


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