Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun Shopping for Photo Props

There were only two of these cups, I love the color!

I don't have a recipe today, but I want to talk about my new obsession passion, learning how to take better pictures.  While writing a post on my favorite food photographers and bloggers  I recently discovered so many fantastic photographers who inspired me to take better pictures.  One blog in particular, Still~Life Style, written by the talented Paula Walters, inspired me to find more interesting pieces to play with while styling the food.

 Love the white ruffled glass dish on top of the red one

 The pink dish imparts a more feminine mood to this photo

So in the effort to increase the pool of objects to use in my photos I went to a local charity store that I normally scout.  This time I feel I found so many more things than before because I was looking at everything with different eyes.  I was looking for color, interesting shapes, and unique pieces and I found few things I love for a total bargain.

Great vintage muffin tin, I wish I had space to hang it in my kitchen

There were many glasses and jars but these caught my attention

I hope this won't be a daily thing, I don't have infinite storage!  I would love to find more silverware though, I am short on them.  Next I would love to go to the Alameda flea market, but I am concerned I will come back with way too many things.

So where do you find your inspiration?


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Lovely props! I love the cups and glasses!



Sandra said...

You take fantastic photos! The fig photos are stunning. Photography is one thing I have delayed getting into, but I know it's something that I will really love. In time, it will happen.

Laura said...

Rosa, aren't they great! I saw the full price on the glasses and decided not to buy them so when I saw them at the flea store I was so happy. Too bad they only had two. The cups are adorable, I agree.

Sandra, thank you! I love taking pictures and having the right camera helps. I am still learning, I have a long way to go. Like anything else, learn as much as you can, find what you like and practice until you get it.


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